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Commercial Property Investors recognize that each real estate transaction is unique in their own way. The ideal investment property offers more than just the value of that property using numbers on a page.  The attention to detail is the net leased property tenant strength as a valuation as well.

We recognize that Walgreens is still categorized as one of the most desirable retail net lease properties. There are numerous points in which the Walgreens Investment Properties remain near the top of the list. Walgreen’s, as a net lease tenant normally provide long-term leases as well as maintain an investment grade credit level.

It is nice to claim the experience of purchasing a commercial property, be it a triple net lease investment, a multifamily community or land for development purposes. With that being said the majority of triple net lease properties offer a more secure position for your investment.

Walgreens – a National Net Lease Property Tenant

Think of having a national Company as your tenant and is paying you monthly payments. Now imagine that net leased property tenant is paying for the building maintenance, taxes and insurance. That is why so many more commercial real estate investors are focusing on having portfolios full of net leased property.

No Landlord Responsibilities with NNN Property Investments

Commercial real estate investments can offer you the freedom of not being the hands on landlord. With investment-grade, national tenants like Walgreens, much of the daily maintenance and upkeep costs are taken care of by the Tenant.

The ability to control when you get paid is a plus as well with these net leased property tenants lease agreements. The net lease property tenant Walgreens has recently posted strong results with their domestic retail pharmacy business.

There are some who worry that their Walgreens tenant might close that store on the property which you own. Well many agreements provide that these tenants are still obligated to pay the Investor the rent for the duration of the lease. There are some instances when a buyout is agreed upon by the net lease property tenant and landlord. NNN lease tenants can control the space until the end of your lease agreement.

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