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Walgreens Triple Net Leased Properties For Sale

Commercial Property Investors recognize that each real estate transaction is unique in their own way. The ideal investment property offers more than just the value of that property using numbers on a page.  The attention to detail is the net leased property tenant strength as a valuation as well. We recognize that Walgreens is still […]

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Taco Bell Net Lease Properties For Sale

We want to bring to the attention of Triple Net Lease Property investors that there are numerous tenants to choose from in Florida. There are Owners of properties with Tacos Bell, 7-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts and Walgreens who are ready to sell. The Taco Bell net leased property tenant in Florida can be a gem. Investors […]

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Starbucks Triple Net Lease Properties For Sale

This page is suited for those who are interested in buying a Starbucks Coffee Net Leased Property for Investment. Many Commercial Property Investors, REITs, etc. seek investment properties with excellent visibility and access. There are many reasons these Starbucks Net Lease Properties are attractive, for one they generally function with the 10 or 20 year […]

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