Orange County NNN Commercial Property Loans and Grocery Anchored

Santa Ana (Orange County), California – The NNN Commercial Real estate News for the day covers retail net lease properties in Orange County and Henderson, Nevada. There has been quite a bit of dismal news on the economy however, NNN Leased Properties are still highly desired. There were two NNN Leased Properties which were recently refinanced. One Net Leased Property is the Bristol Place. This is retail shopping center in Orange County.

Orange County NNN Commercial Property Developments

There happens to be a Target anchor there although it was not involved in the Commercial Real estate Loans. This Orange County property is a neighborhood retail shopping center positioned on the southwest corner of West Alton Ave and South Bristol Street. The NNN Commercial Real Estate is sitting in Santa Ana, California. This area of Orange County benefits from an extremely high traffic count. The NNN Leased Property has very solid encompassing demographics. The Bristol Place net leased properties are a short distance to one of the top retail shopping malls in the country, South Coast Plaza.

CTL Financing and NNN Commercial Real Estate Mortgages

The NNN Commercial Real Estate staff sees there are excellent loan terms in existence and we still see low interest rates, The NNN Commercial Real Estate staff believes it is an excellent time to refinance or get new Commercial Mortgages. When we talk about CTL Financing and Commercial Loans we want to bring up Life Insurance. NNN Commercial properties obtaining financing and cheaper term life insurance policies go great together.

Commercial Mortgages Refinanced with Exciting Loan Terms

The Orange County NNN Commercial Properties received a $15.5 Million Commercial Loan. This new Commercial Mortgage took out an existing commercial loan which had the senior position. The Orange County NNN Commercial Properties were approximately 76% net leased at the time of financing. These Santa Ana Net Leased properties are situated inside of the South Coast Business Trade Area. Commercial Mortgage Lenders had to work diligently to get this refinance complete. The Orange County NNN Commercial Real estate Development has some issues with a few of the net leased property Tenants. There were some late payers and some NNN Commercial Lenders were shy because some of the net leases were due before five years.

Grocery Anchored Net Leased Properties in Nevada

The second NNN Commercial Real estate Development had some issues also. Considering that this second NNN Commercial Property is in Nevada, need we say more? Quickly, Nevada was one of the hardest States hit with job losses and foreclosures. The one bright spot has been the retail sector of NNN Commercial Real Estate. Commercial Mortgage Lenders are still very interested in financing and refinancing Triple Net Lease Properties even if they have to jump through hoops. ,

Henderson Nevada NNN Commercial Property Loans

The Nevada Triple net Leased Property development was an Albertson’s Grocery Anchored Retail Shopping Center. This NNN Commercial Real Estate Developments is positioned at a highly desirable signalized Intersection. The Nevada NNN Property Grocery Anchor is situated within the Master Planned Community of Anthem. This is a Clark County Triple Net Leased Property.

NNN Properties for Investment Portfolios

The Commercial Mortgage Lenders were able to arrange a Commercial Loan for $18.5 on this net leased property. Apparently the difficulties for this Commercial Mortgage refinance were due to the NNN Property location. This Commercial Property is situated approximately sixteen miles from Las Vegas. The NNN Commercial Real Estate staff believes that since this was a Grocery Anchored Net leased property, the refinance was finally completed.

NNN Commercial Real Estate Investors seek Properties

We still have a very large database of Net Leased Property Investors seeking deals. NNN Properties with a decent cap rate and occupancy rate are extremely preferred. Feel free to contact us if you are attempting to sell your Net Leased Properties. Our NNN Commercial Real Estate Investors are looking for net leased properties from $800,000 and up.